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Partners For Climate Action


Creating political will

We hold regular lobby meetings with our provincial elected representatives, and publish opinion pieces in local media to foster dialogue on climate issues. 
A Proven Approach
We focus on forging positive, productive relationships with politicians, regardless of political affiliations. We come from a place of respect and bring our personal experience and informed opinions to the table.

Action Leads to Change

We have a clear ask of the BC government developed through consultation with experts in environmental science and policy.

End fossil fuel subsidies

 The BC government continues to subsidize oil and gas production, distorting prices and making it cheaper to pollute. There are better ways to use public money for public good.


We ask the BC government to immediately end the deep-well royalty credit program and phase out fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.

Representing BC

Our members come from a wide range of organizations that are working alongside us for a sustainable BC in the face of a rapidly accelerating climate crisis. 

We have over 230 members representing urban and rural communities all over BC. 

Join us!

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