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We applaud the BC government for addressing climate change by:


The BC government has made many strides to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG). We applaud
such initiatives as the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030, A New Future for Old Forests, 2030 sectoral
GHG targets and updating the Climate Change Accountability Act.
BCCA recognizes Indigenous sovereignty and First Nations’ right to independent agency. All
policy requests are intended to be done in alignment with the Declaration Act.

The challenge:


BC’s GHG emissions have increased 5% since 2007, and the CleanBC Roadmap lacks a
transparent plan to achieve the 2030 emissions reduction target of 40%. Meanwhile, the IPCC
says emissions should be reduced by 50% this decade to keep global warming below 1.5
degrees C. Subsidizing the fossil fuel industry works directly against achieving these climate
targets. Additionally, emissions from forestry are not accounted for, and methane (a potent
GHG) from natural gas extraction is significantly underreported.

Urgent action is required.

We ask the BC government to:

● Update GHG emissions targets to align with the IPCC 1.5 degree target of a 50%
reduction by 2030 and a 25% reduction by 2025.
● Improve transparency of the CleanBC Roadmap to include timelines and steps to meet
2025 and 2030 goals.
● Commit to phasing out all fossil fuel subsidies, as defined by the International Institute
for Sustainable Development, by 2023.
● Cap GHG emissions from oil and gas production and implement a declining cap to meet
our 2030 sectoral target.
● Establish accurate and independent methane monitoring along the entire gas supply
● Establish forestry emission targets, include emissions from slash burning and
harvested wood into the official provincial inventory, and restrict pellet production to
waste wood sources.
● Implement the recommendations of the Old Growth Strategic Review, to retain
important existing carbon sinks.

Last Updated: January 2022