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BC Climate Alliance recognizes Indigenous sovereignty and their right to independent agency. All policy requests are intended to be done in alignment with the BC Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act and its action plan.

We acknowledge the significant work of the BC government in: 


  • Implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). 

  • Establishing the CleanBC Roadmap, 2030 sectoral GHG targets, updating the Climate Change Accountability Act, and planning to eliminate the Deep Well Credit.

The challenge:


  • The IPCC says we must halve our emissions this decade to keep global warming below 1.5 C. BC’s GHG emissions have not declined as required to meet GHG targets. 

  • The CleanBC Roadmap lacks specific milestones and actions to achieve emissions targets. 

  • Significant fossil fuel development and subsidies continue in BC. Merely saying these new emission sources can fit within the climate targets is no longer acceptable. 

  • Even if we reduce emissions in BC, we are responsible for significantly increasing emissions in other countries via exported LNG. 

  • Further delay in making transformational changes will miss a rapidly closing window to achieve climate targets and will make future mitigation difficult and costly. 

Because new fossil fuel projects are incompatible with a 1.5C climate pathway, urgent action is required to address this challenge:

  1. Release a detailed action plan with five year timelines to meet the goals in the BC Roadmap. 

  2. Implement a declining cap on production of fossil fuels and develop a comprehensive energy plan that aligns with provincial climate targets. 

  3. End fossil fuel expansion by refusing permits on new fossil fuel infrastructure including fracking projects, pipelines and LNG

  4. Allow municipalities to ban methane gas in new building construction.

  5. Eliminate all fossil fuel subsidies, as defined by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, by 2023. 


Last Updated: January 2023

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