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Eryne Croquet

Eryne Croquet wears many hats. During the day, she works as a professional geoscientist and agrologist at Statlu Environmental Consulting Ltd., which she co-owns. She supervises junior geoscientists working in terrain stability and forest hydrology. After work, she advocates for better responses to climate change by meeting with municipal and provincial elected representatives to discuss reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and by building community in Chilliwack BC to be sure there is public pressure supporting important climate change initiatives. It was through this climate change work that Eryne became involved in the BC Climate Alliance. In her personal time, Eryne spends time with friends, family, and her pets doing things outside as much as possible. Ask her about commuting by e-bike!

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Michael Abrosimoff-Penner

 I’m 18 years old and I got involved with climate Activism back in 2019. When the Fridays for future west Kootenay started up. From there I’ve volunteered in many organizations. Including FFFWK, West Kootenay climate hub, ccl Nelson, XR west Kootenay, Bc Climate Alliance, and many more. I am the I.T web manager and social media. For the west Kootenay climate hub.

Fun Fact: about me is I love being in nature with friends rather than playing video games.

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Margret Holm

Margaret has worked in outreach and education for cultural and conservation organizations as a researcher, writer and program facilitator.  She now devotes time to climate education and activism with First Things First Okanagan, Okanagan Climate Hub and BC Climate Alliance. She is a naturalist, gardener and birdwatcher in her spare time.