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In the face of the climate change crisis we envision a resilient and prosperous British Columbia, where our:

  • air, water and land are clean, and our forests are healthy; 

  • energy is affordable to all, comes from clean and renewable sources, and prioritizes local generation; and 

  • communities are vibrant and self-sufficient, yet interconnected. 

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Our Focus

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in BC

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We are focused on being leaders in reducing GHG emissions in BC by lobbying our elected officials to enact policies that align with the Paris agreement's long term goal to keep the global average temperature well below 2º C above pre-industrial levels

Acknowledgements & Recognition

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We acknowledge that we are all living, learning, working, and playing on Indigenous territories that existed long before European settlement. We also recognize that not all members of society have equal access, equal voices, or equal needs. We support inclusive approaches for equity-seeking groups, including: Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC); women; those with a disability; youth; and the LGBTQ2+ community.

Attitude & Approach

Positive & cooperative approach to elected leaders

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We believe that positive and cooperative engagement with elected leaders is the core of a mature democracy, and empowers both citizens and representatives alike to act in the best interests of the province. We work within the existing structures of our democracy to build political will, in the belief that building bridges is the best way to bring about enduring change.


Actions & requests based on peer reviewed scientific data

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We base our actions and requests on the latest peer-reviewed scientific data. We are open to new information. We refine our solutions to make them better. We follow up when we are asked

Personal Empowerment

Citizen volunteers bring about transformative change

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We trust that informed, sincere citizen volunteers can play a key role in inspiring important policy and bringing about transformative change. 


Climate change has no political boundaries

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Climate change is an issue that cuts across all political boundaries. Solutions must be pragmatic and non-ideological, and must effectively address the issue. We work with elected officials and community leaders from across the political spectrum because we believe that we all share the same risk and we must all be part of the solution.

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