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February Updates

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Despite lingering pandemic woes, 2021 has gotten off to a hopeful start. With Biden's election and the clear signals his administration is giving that they are serious about tackling climate change, it feels there is renewed energy around the world. And here is BC, our 128 Climate Alliance members have also been busy, building our movement and letting politicians know climate action is at the top of our agenda.
In late January, members from Nelson met with newly elected MLA Brittny Anderson (NDP, Nelson - Creston riding). Anderson holds an MSc in Environmental Science and Policy, and has expressed her commitment to tackling climate change and protecting the natural environment (The Nelson Daily, Sept. 20, 2020). The group discussed a range of issues from fossil fuel subsidies to forestry practices. They gave Anderson a gift of the book All Fracked Up! The Costs of LNG to British Columbia, and followed up with the BC Climate Alliance ask.
At the inaugural meeting of the Sunshine Coast Climate Action Network, member Anke from Victoria spoke about the BC Climate Alliance's lobbying work, emphasizing the values of respect and nonpartisanship. She explained some of the effective techniques lobbyists use such as maintaining focus and sharing personal stories. She also highlighted how to lay the groundwork for a successful meeting by taking advantage of the excellent background information that has been collated by members so that we have the facts at our disposal when meeting with MLA, speaking with the press or writing letters to the editor.
Members from Nanaimo hosted a Climate Action Network meeting with over 70 people from a diversity of groups and communities in the area working on climate change.
Members in the East Kootenay continue to engage with their local MP and are planning a meeting with their MLA. They also host a monthly Climate Friday noon hour webinar on diverse topics of interest to the local communities such as energy efficient homes and recycling issues.
Our Okanagan members were also busy, setting up a local Climate Hub and having a fruitful meeting with MP Dan Albus (Conservative, Environment and Climate Change critic).
Of course there is lots more to do, and lots more plans underway. Join us - write a letter to your local representative, join a local BC Climate Alliance group, or simply reach out to your family and friends and make sure that climate action stays at the top of our agenda.
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