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Have your say - Canada's 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan Public Consultation deadline extended

Canada's 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan is out for public consultation - and the deadline has been extended until Jan. 21st.

Your say really matters. The voices of Canadians across the country pressed the government to create the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act (formerly Bill C-12) - and now our voices will help make that Act even stronger.

Have your say through the submissions portal. The process is not overly lengthy - and if you want some help, see these sample answers from Climate Messengers,

Remember that fossil fuel lobby groups in Canada are large, organized, and well-funded. Many of those groups will be working to slow down climate action. But we know that swift bold action makes financial, environmental and moral sense. We need to let the government know that we support them in cutting GHG emissions as rapidly as possible. That means stopping fossil fuel subsidies, tightening buildling energy efficiency codes, putting money towards retrofits, and supporting nature based conservation including old growth protection.

The BC Climate Alliance made a submission as an organization - you can find our submission here.

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