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West Coast Climate Action Network Launch

The new West Coast Climate Action Network (WE-CAN) brings together environmental groups from all over BC, and create greater impact by supporting, amplifying and promoting the climate action work of their 200+ member organizations. Their launch event was held on Oct. 7th over zoom, and livestreamed on Facebook and Youtube,

Speakers included network founders, climate action veterans and others from around the province. Network founder Guy Dauncey stressed the gravity of the climate emergency, and the need to reduce emissions and move rapidly away from fossil fuels and towards a greener economy. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and his wife Joan expressed their heartfelt concern over the climate effects evident this summer across BC, support for collective action, and frustration over an electoral reality that sees us electing 'dumb and dumber'. Seth Klein, author of 'The Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency', spoke about the need for government that to mount a response that looks, sounds and feels like an emergency response, which mobilizes the population and spends what it needs to win.

Members of the group then called on the BC government to:

1. Set binding climate pollution targets based on science and justice.

2. Invest in a thriving, regenerative, zero-emissions economy.

3. Rapidly wind down all fossil fuel production and use.

4. End fossil fuel subsidies and make polluters pay.

5. Leave no one behind.

6. Protect and restore nature.

7. Invest in local, organic, regenerative agriculture and food systems.

8. Accelerate the transition to zero-emission transportation.

9. Accelerate the transition to zero-emission buildings.

10. Track and report progress on these actions every year.

For more information on WE-CAN see

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